NARCh Irvine

Midgets, JR, and Pro Outcasts Players,

Standard tournament BS to go over here really fast…

All the sign in shit is being take WAY more seriously this season. I worked the sign in table at the HB qualifier a few weeks ago and I now have a new appreciation for what a shit show teams like ours can be. PLEASE just make my life easier and take care of this stuff. I have enough to do without chasing you around for paperwork and $.

Waivers: Unless you played in the HB Qualifier, you need to fill out a waiver (if you did then you’re good just remind me when I’m having you sign the roster). The good news is you ONLY need to do this once a year now. So after this qualifier you’re good ’til Winter Nats of next year. You can find waivers at the sign in table OR print one out now:

RHA: Either have an RHA # for me when I hand out the roster to sign (your job to look it up not mine) or a weekend Warrior form filled out along with $10. My advice; if you’re doing Irvine, Escondido, and or East / West Finals, you should just pay the $30 and get the membership. It’s the same cost as 3 x $10 and less hassle. Forms can be found at the sign in table or going here and printing it out:


Midget 10 guys / $595 = $60 each (The extra $5 is to make up for all the times guys stiffed me over the years). Have cash or a check made out to YIHA.

JR 11 guys / $595 = $55 each. Have cash or a check made out to YIHA. If you don’t have change and give me $60 you’ll probably never get your $5 back…

Pro 10 guys / $595 = $60 each (The extra $5 is to make up for all the times guys stiffed me over the years). Have cash or a check made out to YIHA. (For those math geniuses out there, we do have 10 and a goalie but Chris flew himself out from BC, I think we can give him a pass on entry).

Jerseys/Pants: I will hand midget’s out before the game. I already explained JR’s and Pro I’ll have yours before the game.

Wheels: I know a lot of you need new wheels. I’ll need to see what hasn’t sold from the limited amount we have right now. Once our full order shows up from the factory things will be a lot easier for me getting PRO and JR guys their wheels. Midgets you can buy wheels at $4 off per wheel ($64 a set) let me know if you need to do so. It’s done online and I’ll give you wheels from the stock I’m bringing.

Other than that, same normal shit applies; I’m coaching 5 youth teams who are paying my way out here and pay dues to the program… they come first. Please try to figure out everything on your own or with the help of someone NOT ME before you go asking me for shit like; “what time is our game”, or “are we home or away”, etc.

Last thing; look closely at the schedule for Midget and JR especially. There are games in HB and Irvine. They set it up so there really is a low % chance we have a conflict but still. I will not be there in HB for the first JR game. I’ll send A-Mac with the jerseys, pants, and roster after his Midget game in Irvine.



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