Rink Rat Outcasts Pro NARCh W.N. West 2015

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Rink Rat Outcasts Pro NARCh W.N. West 2015

Coming off a strong showing in Estero, Florida in the summer of 2014, the newly formed Outcasts Pro Team made another move in the off season to solidify their future. Looking for additional industry support, the Outcasts turned to the company who’s wheels they’d ridden for the past 3 years, Rink Rat Hockey. A long time supporter of the program, Rink Rat showed a strong interest in supporting the young team as they continue to cut their teeth in the pro ranks.

Rink Rat wouldn’t have to wait long to see the partnership begin to give back. The newly minted “Rink Rat Outcasts” would enter the 2015 NARCh Winter Nationals West on MLK weekend in San Jose, CA. Rink Rat would begin to help the team right away with the addition of veteran pro player Skyler Hoar. Skyler quickly snatched up friends JR Cadiz and Taylor Kane (on loan from Mission Next Gen) to help complete the line up.

Not wasting any time, the new look Rink Rat Outcasts would jump out of the gate with a strong first game against the Alkali Pama Cyclones, besting the odds on favorites 5-3. The team would go on to play 2 close games against the Puckfit Indians and Tour Mudcats, losing 5-3 and 2-1 respectively.  A final Round Robin 7-4 besting of the Jawz Elite would seed the Outcasts in 4th place, forcing a rematch with the Mudcats. As the cliche goes, it is hard to beat the same team twice, and that proved true for the Mudcats who weren’t able to hold onto their leads, eventually handing the Outcasts a 6-3 victory and a chance to re-match the Alkali Pama Cyclones in the championship game.The Cyclones might have been caught unaware earlier in the weekend but this time around they knew what was in store for them. With the addition of earlier absent star Travis Noe, Pama would come out fast and hard keeping the Outcasts on their toes the entire 24 minutes. With never less than a 2 goal lead, the speed, defense, and goaltending strength of the Alkali team proved a bit more than the Outcasts team could handle. A final empty net goal finished the game out 7-2 with the Cyclones taking home the cup and prize money.Disappointed but not discouraged the Outcasts squad was proud of the games they played and the success they had in the second major Pro event. Also not disappointed was Nick Dowling, president and owner of Rink Rat Hockey. Dowling made it very clear to the team that these are “his guys”, committing his support to the team for the upcoming qualifier and final tournament season.

The return of absent Las Vegas Rebels additions; Nick Robone, Micha Sanford, and Chris Francis, along with the filling of 1-2 other roster spots will put the Rink Rat Outcasts on track to continue their Pro division success in the coming months.

2014 Debuts Outcasts Pro Team

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2014 Debuts Outcasts Pro Team

The Outcasts Pro team made their debut during the 2014 qualifier season, participating in both NARCh and State Wars events. The team, built off the core from the very successful Outcasts 92′s, continued to build steam all Spring and Summer. While in the planning stages for the 2014 NARCh finals in Estero, Florida the Outcasts joined forces with the Rebel’s Pro Team from Las Vegas Nevada, combining key members of both rosters to build one nationally competitive sqaud. With the roster of forwards and defenseman locked in, the only spot left to fill was the one between the pipes. For this job the Outcasts called on Arizona Native and Outcasts Alunmi Matt Grogan, who had just finished his NCAA season as a Senior with the UConn Huskies.

Attending the program’s first NARCh finals event, the Outcasts competed well, going 2-2  in round robin play, finishing 7th out of 17 teams. The Outcasts would draw their Mission big brothers “Next Gen” in the first round of playoffs. A closer, more exciting game was not played all tournament as the two teams traded goals and ended regulation tied 3-3. With 2 minutes off the clock into OT, Next Gen would find the back of the net to put the game away. Overall, a great showing for a young Pro squad looking to get their feet wet.

Arizona Rubber Reports on 2012 Outcasts Changes

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Arizona Rubber Reports on 2012 Outcasts Changes

Arizona Rubber Magazine reports on the ASU  / AZ Outcasts partnership!

Also covered in the article is the new industry partnership both clubs now have with Bauer / Mission hockey. See below for full article or click HERE for larger image.


Outcasts 92′s take it all at 2011 NARCh Winter Nationals!!!

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Outcasts 92′s take it all at 2011 NARCh Winter Nationals!!!

MLK weekend 2011 was a great weekend to be a ’92 Outcasts player. The 2011 NARCh Winter Nationals was the official kickoff for the second year Midget ’92 Outcasts. The core of the team, having been together since 2007, had seen their share of success and disappointments since winning the 2007 Pacific Cup 14AAA title their first year together. Their roster has seen a host of Arizona talent, as well as those from all over the US. Going into their last year of Midget hockey, the core group turned to the best players they knew to strengthen the team; their competition. The two teams regionally that always played them closest were AKS 92’s and Nor Cal Riot, so when Riot scoring threat Ryan Newens contacted some of the 92’s looking for a team the pieces began to come together. From there news of the disbandment of the AKS 92’s (due to players moving on to college and other activities) opened a door to approach Drew Yeoman and Ray Mesa who both had been strong competitors against the 92’s over the years. Added to the lineup was also Colorado’s Garth Penman and goalie Kevin Dwyer. Together that gave the existing four 92 Outcasts players; Tommy Tuohy, Nick Bazso, Mike Rivera, Paul Linder, a solid second line and a real chance at making 2011 “their season”.

The 92′s breezed through their 3 round robin games easily handling the Mission Rampage 7-0 in their only game Saturday, then on to a 4-1 win over the Alpha Dogs and an 8-0 mercy of the Silicon Valley Quakes on Sunday. The 3 wins with only one goal against gave the 92′s the first overall seed in the 15 team midget division. That first seed would match up against the winner of Saturday nights playoff game. That game ended up producing the Bauer Riot in a last minute comeback victory against the Pama Cyclones. The semi final game Monday afternoon saw a rested Outcasts 92′s control the majority of the game and hold a comfortable 2 goal lead for the early part of it. A bad timed double minor would allow the Riot to jump back in with two power play goals in the middle of the second. Both teams would score another full strength goal and cause the game to go to sudden death OT to find a winner. Ironically it was the same player who took the initial double minor penalty (Garth Penman) who would put the puck away in that over time and bring the 92′s to the championship game later that afternoon.

The other semi final game matched up the Alpha Dogs and Mission Rink Rat CA which resulted in a 7-2 thrashing of the Alpha Dogs securing Mission Rink Rat CA a chance to challenge the Outcasts 92′s for the 2011 NARCh Winter Nationals Midget Division Championship. Much like the semi final game, the Outcasts 92′s controlled the game from the drop of the puck forward. The big difference in this game would be stellar goal tending being played by Mission Rink Rat CA’s goalie. With just under 18 shots in the first period alone, the 92′s were held to just two goalsby the mid game mark. Going into the second period the Outcasts 92′s would once again control the puck and look for a crack in the Rink Rat goalie that wouldn’t seem to appear. Late in the period Rink Rat CA was able to get one passed Dwyer putting them in the game. That goal was followed by another with just under a minute left to play in the game, pushing the Outcasts 92′s into their second over time game of the day.

The mood on the Outcasts 92′s bench was confident and cool; this game was theirs to win. Patience and persistence was all that was needed to hoist the cup. Just like the two periods before, the 92′s started OT out with multiple scoring chances only to be thwarted once again by the goalie on the other end. It would eventually take defense man Drew Yoeman jumping into the offensive play down low, to create the added offense needed to get the final opportunity to score and win the game in OT!

With a 3-2 OT victory, the Outcasts 92′s were awarded the 2011 NARCh Winter Nationals Midget Division Gold Medal and Cup. Outcasts 92′s goalie Kevin Dwyer would be named the divisions top goalie as well.

This Winter Nationals win is just the beginning for the 92′s who hope to continue their winning streak all the through the season and into the Midget Platinum championship game at the 2011 NARCh finals in Estero, FL this summer!

Also in attendance at the 2011 Winter Nationals were the Outcasts 93′s who featured returning players; Kevin Smith, Zach Burke, Jake Kockrow, Noah Cullen, and Brennan Sowa. The combination ’93/’94 team also competed in the same midget division as the 92′s going 2-1 in round robin placing themselves in the #4 overall seed going into play offs. It was there that their tournament ended with a 5-2 loss to the Alpha Dogs. All in all a great showing for a team who was thrown together to give the continuing Outcasts 93/94′s a chance to get some early exposure to the upcoming season’s teams.

2011 Outcasts Program Awards

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2011 Outcasts Program Awards

With the 2011 Outcasts season in the record books. the coaching staff sat down for a post season wrap up one afternoon. In talking over all the memories, accomplishments, stories, and accolades of the 7 teams that played throughout the season, we decided to start a new post-season tradition: The Outcasts Awards. The categories might change as the program continues to evolve. We had a great time selecting the nominees and some pretty intense back and forth about who the winners should be. After the dust settled we ended up with the following

Click the link below to view the results:

2011 Program Awards

Outcasts Alumni and coaching staff take 2nd place in the NCRHA Nationals with the ASU Sun Devils

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Outcasts Alumni and coaching staff take 2nd place in the NCRHA Nationals with the ASU Sun Devils

Last year’s WCRHL regular season champions, the ASU Sun Devils continued their winning ways last April at the NCRHA nationals at the Silver Creek Sports Complex in San Jose, California. The Sun Devils made their first Elite 8 and Final Four appearances winning both rounds and advancing to the championship game against power house dynasty Lindenwood University. The first period Lindenwood came out strong advancing to a comfortable 3-0 lead and holding ASU to zero shots.  The Sun Devils rallied back in the second and third evening shots up as Outcasts Alumni Tyler Koressel buried the Sun Devils single goal of the game.  Taking the first period out the of the equation, Koressel and the rest of the ASU squad held the 9 time national champion Lindenwood Lions to what would’ve been a 2-1 game. All in all, a very impressive showing for a second year college program who bested NCRHA D1 super teams Michigan State (5-4) and Buffalo (9-1).

The 2011 season will see the Sun Devils rosters once again adding players who developed through the Outcasts program. Mike Rivera, Outcasts ’92 fixture and offensive power house since 2006 made the move from El Paso, Texas to Tempe this August to add his talent to the full returning Sun Devil roster.  Another past Outcasts player CJ Hawley joins the Sun Devils “B” development team this season as well. Hawley brings with him an intensity and desire to push himself and his teammates to their full potential. Rivera and Hawley join an ever growing list of Outcasts players who are discovering there is competitive roller hockey beyond youth travel.

Congrats to the 2010 Outcasts 94’s on their Bantam Gold division Silver medal

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Congrats to the 2010 Outcasts 94’s on their Bantam Gold division Silver medal

The spring and early summer of 2010 saw a shaky season for the Outcasts 94’s as they struggled through their qualifiers with less that desired finishes at 2 NARCh qualifiers, the AAU West Coast Nationals, and WIHA finals.  The team was given the challenge prior to NARCh finals; step up, salvage your season, and play to your potential! The first year bantam Outcasts 94’s didn’t get any favors from NARCh when the schedule was released early July. With 2 weeks of intense practices prior to their trip to San Jose, the 94’s (which included one ’95 and a ’96) managed to fly in their Oregon teammates for the last week of practice and made some huge improvements in a very short time. The team seemed more focused and energized by the time they were ready to leave for the 2010 NARCh finals in San Jose, CA.

After four games of round robin, the 94’s hadn’t lost a game. With a 2-0-2 record that included a 0-0 tie against Tour Raw Steel 94’s (one of the top teams in the division), the Outcasts 94’s earned a 5th seed and spot in the quarter finals against #4 seed Rink Rat Split. Building off the momentum of their round robin success, Rink Rat Split was defeated 3-1 and moved on to battle Nor Cal Riot who started as the #6 seed before they topped the #3 seed  Reebok Jr. Ducks Eschelon in quarter finals. The 94’s kept their streak going as they soundly moved past the Nor Cal Riot winning 4-2. That win put the Outcasts in the Bantam Gold championship against the Tour Raw Steel 94’s for a rematch that would decide this year’s champion.

NARCh blogger Alex Morrison summed up the game best with the following:

“Back in the final, the rematch between Raw Steel and the Outcasts was very similar to the first time they faced one another. A very tentative, puck control game dominated most of the 24 minutes that were played. Raw Steel finally scored a goal against Outcasts, giving them a 1-0 lead. With the type of game they played, that one goal was all they needed, as they limited the Outcasts to the outside, never allowing an odd-man rush, and not getting beat in the slot. While some commented that it was a dull game to watch, it didn’t matter to Raw Steel, as the system they had in place was obviously a winner.”

Although the Outcasts 94’s didn’t walk away with the gold medal, they played as perfect a game as possible without winning. The goal that sealed Raw Steel’s win came on a power play that only beat 94’s goal tender Eric Brown with a lucky bounce. The silver medal the team was awarded was the second NARCh finals medal earned by an Outcasts team and the first NARCh finals championship game appearance of an Outcasts team. All of this was accomplished as a first year Bantam team. The Outcasts 94’s walked away from the 2010 finals with their heads up high and their sights on a bantam platinum seed for 2011.

Outcasts Alumni Enter the Division 1 College Ranks

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Outcasts Alumni Enter the Division 1 College Ranks

The 2010 College Hockey season will serve as the debut for two former Outcasts players as they become the first in the clubs history to play Division 1 College Ice Hockey. Come this fall Matt Grogan, a regular in net for Outcasts teams throughout the 2003-2005 seasons, will be seen in goal for the University of Connecticut Husky’s. Joining him in the Division 1 ranks next year will be Jon Bobb, a member of the inaugural Outcasts team back in 2003 along with other guest appearances over the years. Jon made his commitment to West Point in 2008, will take the ice in 2010 wearing the Black and Gold of the Army Knights.

Both players began their hockey couriers playing inline hockey. Jon Bobb first took to the sport at the age of 10 in the house leagues of the long gone, but fondly remembered, Chandler Sports Spectrum. From there he quickly progressed onto the Spectrum’s local and regional travel program the Gear Drive. At the age of 12 John began playing ice hockey in conjunction with Inline. Travel Ice coach’s quickly recruited Jon into their programs. Over the next 6 years he progressed through the local and regional AAA ranks making one appearance at the USA Hockey Nationals in 2004 with the U16 DYHA Firebirds. In 2007, after his stint with the Firebirds, Jon moved on to Dallas where he joined the number one nationally ranked U18 AAA Dallas Junior Stars. Jon, now 20 years old, has spent the last two years playing in the North American Hockey League. With his age eligibility expired, the coaching staff of the Knights feel that the two years of Tier 1 Junior A hockey has prepared Jon to join the team in the fall.

Matt Grogan’s story is not far off from Jon’s. At the age of 11 Matt started off on the pavement in his driveway and quickly fell in love with the position of goaltender. Not long after strapping on the pads for the first time, Matt joined the leagues at the Chandler Sports Spectrum, moving on to East Valley Inline after the Spectrum closed their doors. After only one season at EVI, Matt was asked to be their 12U “Desert Dogs” travel team goalie. Matt spent two years with the Desert Dogs and Rink Bandits programs where he posted very impressive numbers in the A.I.H.A. becoming the top goaltender in his division every year he participated. Like Jon, Matt discovered ice hockey while earning his accolades in roller and played both games simultaneously. After 2 years in the Chandler Polar Bears organization, Matt left Arizona in search of a team to bring him to the next level. 2005 found Matt in Indianapolis where he spent two seasons with Indiana Ice Midget AAA program. In 2007 Matt began his climb into the JR A rankings with the Okatoke Oilers in the AJHL and ending in 2009 with the Bismarck Bobbcats of the NAHL. This fall, as Grogan ages out of Junior A, he will find himself at the last stop on the path he laid out for himself 5 years ago; a spot on an NCAA Division 1 Hockey Team. The University of Connecticut will become Matt’s home for the next 4 years.

Although Jon and Matt put roller hockey aside to achieve their goals in the ice hockey world, both will tell you how much they enjoyed playing it, and how much it helped them to get where they are today. Neither one has turned their back on inline hockey. Over the years since they were active members of the Outcasts program, both have stayed in close touch and  check in multiple times during the year to see how the current crop of up and comers in the Outcasts program are progressing.  Matt can be seen working with current Outcasts goalies during his holiday trips home and in the post season summer months. Jon too looks for chances to lace up his inline skates whenever he comes home. Jon and Matt are just the first in what promises to be a long line of talented Outcasts players who will make their mark on the sports of both Ice and Inline hockey.

Outcasts alumni Tyler Koressel dominates the WCRHL with the ASU Sun Devils and makes his NARCh Pro Debut

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With Outcasts coaches Alex Dodt on the floor and Nick Boyarsky behind the bench, the ASU Sun Devils Inline Hockey team is the future for the players in the Outcasts program. With Outcasts alumni littering both the D1 and B team rosters, college roller hockey is proving to be the future for many Outcasts players. One of the major standouts on the D1 team is long time Outcasts player and part time assistant coach Tyler Koressel. With hands that consistently amaze both his competition and his own teammates, Koressel got his start in completive roller hockey with the Outcasts 88/89 team back in 2004. Koressel can now boast to having won a PIHA National with the Phoenix Dragon’s in 2009 as well as becoming the first Outcasts player to play NARCh Pro. Last summer, at the NARCh finals in Mississauga, Ontario, Tyler joined the USA Clinics pro team and became the first Outcasts player to graduate to the highest level in the sport. Koressel plans to make NARCh Pro a regular occurrence as he continues to hone his skills while dominating the WCRHL with the first in the West ASU Sun Devils.

Arizona’s Elite Inline Program

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The AZ Outcasts, a nationally recognized elite level program has been competing at the AAA level throughout North America since 2002. Drawing from their home base of Phoenix, Arizona the Outcasts have been joined by many of the top inline talent in the country. As the longest running elite program on the west coast and throughout the southwest, the AZ Outcasts organization continues to provide top level teams in the 12U, 14U, 16U, and 18U divisions at both the AAA Elite level and the A/AA developmental levels.