Rink Rat Outcasts Pro NARCh W.N. West 2015

Coming off a strong showing in Estero, Florida in the summer of 2014, the newly formed Outcasts Pro Team made another move in the off season to solidify their future. Looking for additional industry support, the Outcasts turned to the company who’s wheels they’d ridden for the past 3 years, Rink Rat Hockey. A long time supporter of the program, Rink Rat showed a strong interest in supporting the young team as they continue to cut their teeth in the pro ranks.

Rink Rat wouldn’t have to wait long to see the partnership begin to give back. The newly minted “Rink Rat Outcasts” would enter the 2015 NARCh Winter Nationals West on MLK weekend in San Jose, CA. Rink Rat would begin to help the team right away with the addition of veteran pro player Skyler Hoar. Skyler quickly snatched up friends JR Cadiz and Taylor Kane (on loan from Mission Next Gen) to help complete the line up.

Not wasting any time, the new look Rink Rat Outcasts would jump out of the gate with a strong first game against the Alkali Pama Cyclones, besting the odds on favorites 5-3. The team would go on to play 2 close games against the Puckfit Indians and Tour Mudcats, losing 5-3 and 2-1 respectively.  A final Round Robin 7-4 besting of the Jawz Elite would seed the Outcasts in 4th place, forcing a rematch with the Mudcats. As the cliche goes, it is hard to beat the same team twice, and that proved true for the Mudcats who weren’t able to hold onto their leads, eventually handing the Outcasts a 6-3 victory and a chance to re-match the Alkali Pama Cyclones in the championship game.The Cyclones might have been caught unaware earlier in the weekend but this time around they knew what was in store for them. With the addition of earlier absent star Travis Noe, Pama would come out fast and hard keeping the Outcasts on their toes the entire 24 minutes. With never less than a 2 goal lead, the speed, defense, and goaltending strength of the Alkali team proved a bit more than the Outcasts team could handle. A final empty net goal finished the game out 7-2 with the Cyclones taking home the cup and prize money.Disappointed but not discouraged the Outcasts squad was proud of the games they played and the success they had in the second major Pro event. Also not disappointed was Nick Dowling, president and owner of Rink Rat Hockey. Dowling made it very clear to the team that these are “his guys”, committing his support to the team for the upcoming qualifier and final tournament season.

The return of absent Las Vegas Rebels additions; Nick Robone, Micha Sanford, and Chris Francis, along with the filling of 1-2 other roster spots will put the Rink Rat Outcasts on track to continue their Pro division success in the coming months.

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